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Why Rock n Road

Why Choose Entre-Prises Rock 'n' Road Mobile Climbing Walls?

Complete Safety

Every Rock ‘n’ Road mobile climbing wall is designed with total safety in mind for you and your users!

We start with a trailer which is inspected and approved by the TTAS (Trailer and Towing Advisory Service).

Next, we design your wall – engineered to ensure it meets the European standard EN12572 (European Standard for Artificial Climbing Structures).

After this, we build your climbing wall using our unique Lightwave and Freeform technologies to ensure a seamless surface without any sharp edges or visible joins.

Lastly, we attach the climbing wall to the trailer and add an array of additional safety features including an auto descent release valve, emergency stops and locking attachments meaning that your trailer stays safe and secure both on and off the road.


Advanced Technology

Our towers are 6.5 metres high and 2.6 metres wide – the maximum size allowed under UK law. Rock ‘n’ Road is also very light. Thanks to our Freeform and Lightwave resin technologies, our mobile climbing walls generally weight in at under 2200 KG – meaning that they can be towed by most vehicles and the fuel bill for travelling to and from an event will be as low as possible.

Every mobile tower comes equipped with a Van Vault lockable storage box containing a complete tower toolkit. This means you can save space in your vehicle and carry more signage and equipment.


Aesthetics and Uniquity

Each and every Rock ‘n’ Road mobile climbing wall is completely unique.

We can sculpt and paint your climbing wall to your own specification. Addition of Logo’s, lights, buzzers, timers, slogans, signage and banners, bolt-on top sections are all includable and the only real limit is what you can dream up!


Durability and Aftercare Service

Our mobile climbing walls are crafted using high impact resin panels, making them strong and stable and giving them a long life span.

All of our climbing walls are guaranteed for 5 years and all trailers are guaranteed for two. The frames are fully galvanised and stainless steel fixings are adopted throughout the trailer – ensuring it will not rust or corrode.

We have a UK based service centre, open 5 days a week and all our walls are designed, manufactured and maintained the UK.