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Curved MozaiK

MozaiK Climbing Walls

A premier panel system for indoor roped climbing and bouldering wall facilities.

MozaiK is Entre-Prises ultimate wood panel system. It provides a surface which allows for multi-faceted, complex and striking designs to be created with the highest climbing hold insert density on the market

Using Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood panels and frames with a durable non-aggressive resin coating - MozaiK climbing walls offer a tough and long lasting climbing wall system with a low price tag and a 5 year guarantee.

Mozaik Climbing walls allow route corridors to be any width, an increased number of leader protection points and the ability to add freeform or lightwave panel sections anywhere in your design.

Entre-Prises MozaiK Climbing Walls Download EP MozaiK Climbing Walls Tech Sheet (PDF)