Rock n Road Tech Spec

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Rock n Road Tech Spec

Rock 'n' Road Mobile Climbing Wall Specifications

As with our non mobile climbing walls, each and every climbing wall is completely bespoke. However, they are also built to a set of specifications and standards which do not change. This means that although each tower looks different, they are all completely safe and work in the same way.Rock n Road Mobile Climbing Tower


Rock 'n' Road Standard Specification

Height: 6.5 metres (21' 4")
Width: 2.6 metres (8' 7")
Weight: 2,200 KG (4,850 lbs)

Climbing Lines: 4
Climbing Routes: 8

Battery Info: 12V - 25-30 Raise/Lowers from full charge

Warranty Period: 2 years

TTAS Compliance: Yes
BN EN 12572 Complianace: Yes where applicable


Rock n Road Mobile Climbing Tower Design