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Extras and Addons

Add-ons and Extras for Rock 'n' Road Mobile Climbing Towers

Extendable feet

Something that none of our competitors do! With a Rock ‘n’ Road mobile climbing wall, you can add extendable feet which allow the trailer to be detached from the climbing wall! This means your wall can, when sited indoors, be positioned without the trailer attached to the back, saving space in.. This is also handy for when you own multiple Rock ‘n’ Roads.


TRUBLUE Auto BelaysTRUBLUE mobile climbing wall auto belay

Rock ‘n’ Road mobile walls can be supplied with the TRUBLUE auto belay. This allows your customers to climb freely without the need for a belayer. Your staffing costs are likely to be lower and your profit margins higher while simultaneously making the climbing wall even safer for everyone who uses it. For more information on the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, see our dedicated TRUBLUE website at http://www.climbtru.co.uk


Buzzers, Timers and Lights

Mobile Climbing Wall TimerIf you want to give your walls that little bit more interactivity, you can! Including a buzzer or light at the top of your walls will allow climbers to race each other and promotes healthy competition between friends and colleagues.

If you want to go that one step further, you can include a timer on each side of your wall. A button at the bottom of the wall starts the timer and another at the top will stop it meaning that your users can challenge themselves as well as their friends.


Trailer Cover

Our mobile climbing walls are already hardwearing. They are made from high impact resin coated fibreglass is extremely tough and lasts for years. However, if you want to take even better care of your trailer – we can provide you with a cover to ensure that your mobile wall has that extra level of protection during transit and storage periods.
Mobile Climbing Wall Protective Cover


Custom Logos

It’s your climbing wall – why not let everyone know by having a large company logo painted on at the top of your wall? Our experienced mural artists can accurately recreate your logo at the top of a mobile climbing wall making sure everyone knows who you are and where you are – a fantastic marketing tool!
Mobile Climbing Wall Logos and Branding