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News > 2014 > Painted Curves, Geometric Lines And Bespoke Graphics

At Entre-Prises we realize the importance of colour style and finish details to complete a facility's climbing wall.  To invite more interest, we have developed ways to enhance the visual aesthetic of MozaiK climbing walls by adding bespoke Curved Lines and Geometric Lines.  One step further lets us add bespoke logos and lettering to really bring a facility's branding full circle.


As the climbing gym market continues to grow and the level of finish and branding has become more important.  These techniques will allow EP designers to create any unique expression for your climbing wall.  All the colours are from our standard colour charts and offer the same quality, resistant to marking from shoe rubber, that you expect from EP - with the exception of 4 color process printing.


The other place we realize a major need for this development is in the competiton wall range.  Climbing competitions can offer much higher branding and awareness to their event - especially when their name is going across 5 sq. m. of climbing surface!


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Below are a few examples and suggestions of different colour styles:

Curved and geometric painted lines on MozaiK tower - see the time lapse build below at Singha Adventure Park Climbing Wall in Thailand.


Logo Graphics & Lettering: