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News > 2015 > Micro Features Provide Aesthetic Detail Without Compromising Functionality

Every climbing wall that Entre-Prises builds is subject to the highest level of finish quality and attention to detail.  The next step that will bring your climbing walls to the next level is the addition of EP's Micro Features.  Our Micro Feature line-up delivers the extra detail to add simple elegance without overpowering or compromising functionality of our MozaiK surface technology.

These features are approximately 1sqm.  The number of bolt-on hold locations will remain the same to ensure you are receiving the best route setting surface possible.  Six categories are available including: Bubbles, Curves, Cracks, Kandinsky, Fontainebleau and Nova, so there is a wide variety for everyone.  Check with your sales manager for more information or email us at info@entre-prises.com