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News > 2014 > Entre-Prises Proudly supporting CAC by becoming a CAC Official Partner

Entre-Prises is proud to announce its support and involvement with John Ellison and its association Climbers Against Cancer (CAC).

Since the establishment in 2013, CAC has always been supported by the EP team, touched by this positive and noble cause.Today, Entre-Prise wants to go further and actively support this organization by becoming a CAC Official Partner.


About Climbers Against Cancer (CAC)

Climbers Against Cancer was established in January of 2013 by Great Britain’s John Ellison in order to raise awareness about the disease and to raise funds for cancer research.

Primarily through the immense support of the climbing community and the sale of iconic CAC t-shirts and hoodies, the organisation has raised close to $350,000 and has made donations to leading cancer research organisations in France, Australia and Canada. Learn more, donate or purchase a t-shirt or hoodie at www.climbersagainstcancer.org.