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News > 2012 > EP Welcomes Sasha DiGiulian & Adam Ondra

Sasha DiGiulian - photo by Keith Ladzinski
Sasha DiGiulian - photo by Keith Ladzinski
Sasha DiGiulian - photo by Keith Ladzinski
Adam Ondra

Entre-Prises welcomes Sasha DiGiulian and Adam Ondra to our strong list of sponsored athletes.  EP carries a tradition of hosting the best climbing athletes in the world.  We are inspired by their performance and value feedback on our climbing walls and hand holds.  We use this communication for research and design, innovating new products and continue our commitment to quality products.  With this addition, our team continues to grow and resemble the diversity EP offers around the globe.


Sasha DiGiulian:

Climbing since the age of seven years old, Sasha has now traveled to over 15 countries to pursue climbing, both for competitions and to climb outside.  At a young age she remembers climbing on an EP wall, so our products have been a consistant appearance through her career.  Sasha is the first and only North American woman to achieve 9a and to onsight 8b+; 3rd woman in the world to ascend 9a and youngest woman in the world to climb this grade.

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>Photography by Keith Ladzinski

Adam Ondra:

Climbing since the age of six years old, Adam's passion for the sport of climbing was handed down from his parents.  In 2009, his debut year, Adam won the IFSC Lead World Cup and followed that up in 2010 winning the IFSC Bouldering World Cup, the first athlete in history to win both disciplines.  He has since continued leading the climbing world both in competion and completing top grades on rock routes.

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