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News > 2014 > Entre-Prises is committed to reinforcing safety standards in climbing walls

In any climbing facilities, safety is one of the most significant areas of concern. As a worldwide leader in the climbing industry but above all, as a committed company with the climbing community, safety is one of our key priorities.

In 2007, Entre-Prises developed and patented an innovative safety solution for holds: the Explosion Proof System, EPS™. This revolutionary new technology greatly reduces the possibility that a broken piece of handhold will fall and strike someone. Built into the hold, this patented device minimized breakage without sacrificing the strength of the hold itself.  EPS is unquestionably one of the most considerable innovations in terms of safety in the climbing walls industry.

In the interest of security, we strongly believe that this technology can not only remain an Entre-Prises’ exclusivity; it has to become a standard for climbing walls.

As an active participant of the European Committee for Standardization, Entre-Prises participates to the systematic review of the EN12572 standard.

The EPS patent currently in force, although perceived as a real improvement with regard to security, may limit the possibility to include additional safety requirements into the next addition.

Therefore in the interests of achieving a better, safer and more effective standard, Entre-Prises has taken the decision to release all rights with regard to the patent. The Explosion Proof System can now be freely available to all manufacturers.