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News > 2015 > Deep Water Soloing

Deep Water Soloing is a relatively new climbing concept. The climber is protected from injury not by the careful control of a rope, or the absorbent qualities of matting, but through falling into a deep section of water. This approach to climbing has been popular in coastal areas for many years but the organization of this type of climbing for competitions on artificial walls has only recently emerged.

Deep Water Soloing competition walls supplied by Entre-Prises are designed to focus upon competitions requirements. They are easy to install and uninstall (about 3 days) and adjustable to bring more possibilities to route-setters and more challenges to climbers. Climbing wall panels can be set up in two different ways: in a predominantly vertical orientation for Deep Water Soloing or in a wide configuration for bouldering.

“The Entre-Prises Deep Water Soloing wall has a light structure that is not only of value during the engineering and installation processes but it also gives rise to large flat faces. This allows the route setters to take full control of their chosen routes and problems with the use of bolt-on holds, macro features or large volumes.”   

The first French Deep Water Solo competition (the Vertical Ocean Camp) took place at La Rochelle in April 2015. The 14m high Entre-Prises climbing wall was installed above water, in the “basin des chalutiers”. The aim for the world’s best climbers: to reach the top without getting wet!  This new type of ropeless climbing introduced a new ‘Wow’ factor to the sport of climbing and was keenly followed by both the climbing community and the wider public.