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News > 2013 > Clip N Climb Values In Action

"Hi, I just had to say thankyou so much to all the staff at the Exeter Clip n' Climb centre who were just so considerate and helpful in supporting myself and my daughter today. I have recently come out of hospital after a very lengthy stay and am wheelchair bound when I am out, I wont go into details but i am learning to walk again and as you can imagine it has been hard to accept all of the things that have been snatched away and that I can no longer do with Lil. Today i came with a friend and my carer dog and everybody was just so lovely, letting him be by my side and helping me to be a part of my daughters climbing adventure!


There was this guy called James and he was so helpful, my friend jokingly suggested I could do it, it didnt matter if my legs didnt work, I could use my arms! I thought that this was crazy but James said 'sure, lets do it!' and so he calmly and safely helped me get into the harness, raise me up and enabled me to climb a pretty big wall, i think (??) counter balancing my weight with his!? Anyway, I got over half way, pushed myself to the max and only stopped because I was so tired and slightly bemused and over whelmed! This photo i've attached was taken when I got back down, I was so chuffed, and im so thankful to him for helping me to show my daughter that I WILL get better and will soon be climbing that wall all on my own like a crazy spider-lady!
So, a thankyou :-)"

- Sophy Miles