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News > 2015 > Clear Plexi

Clear Plexi is the term we are adopting for the clear, glass like, panels that can be incorporated within the walls of conventional Mozaic or Freeform climbing surfaces or created as unique climbing walls.

Clear Plexi helps overcome the light barrier that conventional climbing surfaces present. Natural or artificial light passes through the climbing surface allowing light to spread around the overall climbing facility.

Clear Plexi can be climbed on both sides. This approach is adopted in Clip’nClimb centres around the world and in the recent Climb Up Aix climbing gym.  Climbers can race against one another, replicate actions or simply make funny faces to each other!

Clear Plexi can be supplied in different forms:  totally transparent, sandy or whitened.  A light can be placed behind translucent walls in order to enhance the striking effect. The Clear Plexi panel thickness will be defined according to its use.