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News > 2015 > Cave at the Wave, a new Speleo cave in Maryport!

Entre-Prises are pleased to announce the opening of the ‘Cave at the Wave’ in Maryport in Cumbria.

This exciting underground experience adds another adventure to the Clip’n Climb facility that we installed almost 2 years ago.
Visitors can now explore more than 80 linear meters of caves with chambers full of surprises such as fossils, cave paintings and a ball pool sump! They will experience the thrills of negotiating pitches, ducking though sumps or passing through stalactites and stalagmites in a safe and controlled environment.
A camera system allows parents and family to watch and have fun with their junior explorers who will have the feeling of discovering  real caves with the help of the fantastic sound system that completes the feeling of being underground.
In addition to this exciting caving experience Clip ‘n Climb Maryport  also has a brand new Clip ‘n Climb Traverse wall, the first on in the UK!
Go and try it, it’s open now!