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Our History

The History of Entre-Prises

The Entre-Prises brand has a rich history in the climbing wall world. Our Pedigree blend of high quality walls, pioneering staff and world class Bolt-on holds makes us an ideal choice for the design and construction of your climbing wall facility.

Below, you will find a list of some of our most notable achievements from the last few decades:


2011 - Another year of firsts saw us build the first ever Clip 'n Climb in Europe, the world's largest artificial caving system, we became the sole caving supplier to the British Caving Association and saw us build two of our largest climbing centres ever. Clip n Climb
2010 - Became the UK exclusive distributor of the TruBlue Auto Belay, built Harrogate climbing centre, Lincoln climbing wall and the Walton Firs Cave, designed the patented artificial cave system now known as the Speleo system. trublue auto belay
2009 - Record number of mobile climbing towers. Built lots of walls for the RAF, prisons, schools and leisure centres Rock n Road Mobile Climbing Tower
2008 - A year of big walls. EICA Ratho - the world's biggest articulated wall, Redpoint centre in Birmingham, Swansea leisure centre, Aspire in Qatar EICA Ratho
2007 - Huge year for climbing walls... With an average delivery of a wall a week - all year round! Waterside Climbing Center
2006 - Yet more walls! Mammoth caving complex built at Colomendy, climbing walls at Swiss Cottage, Xscape and numerous schools. Xscape Leisure
2005 - Continued growth sees build of an extension at Craggy island, kids boulders in Norway, Plymouth outdoor centre and a bouldering wall at Manchester climbing centre Rockover Manchester
2004 - Craggy island, 1000m2 wall in Guildford is built Craggy Island
2003 - EP Completes a record or more 30 projects in the year, builds another competition wall in Birmingham, builds the world's largest ice climbing wall and becomes official supplier to UIAA UIAA Partnership
2002 - Built the largest ice climbing wall in the world. Also launched EPS (Explosion Proof System) for Bolt-On Holds Explosion Proof System EPS
2001 - Build the World's first Ice climbing wall in Glasgow. Also built international competition wall in Birmingham, launched Lightwave technology and built the Westway centre in London at a gigantic 2000m2 Westway Climbing Centre
2000 - Build huge artificial cave system 250m of passages with a river system - the first in the world. Also became official climbing wall supplier to BMC and built huge 750m2 wall for JSMTC British Mountaineering Council Partnership
1999 - International Competition wall at the NIA in Birmingham Mile End Climbing Centre
1998 - Build the Welsh International Climbing Centre - the biggest wall in the World at 1750m2 Welsh International Climbing Centre
1997 - International Competition wall at the NIA in Birmingham 1997 World Cup Birmingham
1996 - Continued growth sees walls being built by Entre-Prises for the Police, Army, Essex University and multiple schools, colleges and leisure centres Calvert Trust
1995 - International Competition wall at the NIA in Birmingham. CCC
1994 - EP UK builds the International Competition wall at the NIA in Birmingham, having won an international design competition. Also build the Keswick Climbing centre 750m2 1994 World Cup
1993 - We built the Warehouse in Gloucester - 1000m2 The Warehouse
1992 - We built the Edge in Sheffield 1000m2 - The UK's largest climbing centre and one of the first in the world with a huge articulated wall. The Edge, Sheffield
1991 - Entre-Prises built the International Competition wall at the NIA in Birmingham Crag X Climbing Centre
1990 - Saw the creation and launch of the first ever three dimensionally curved panel system - Imprint Entre-Prises Imprint Panels
1989 - We built the first International Competition on an Artificial Wall in the UK Leeds Competition