Climbing Wall Design FAQ's

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Climbing Wall Design FAQ's

Climbing wall design and systems FAQ's

Where is Entre-Prises UK located?
The main office for Entre-Prises UK is located in Kelbrook, Lancashire. In addition to the main office, warehouse and workshops based here, we have members of our sales team and installation technicians at various locations in the South of England providing additional support to our customers in this area. View map



Where does Entre-Prises UK install climbing walls and deliver bolt-on holds?
Entre-Prises UK sells within the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, parts of the Middle East and Asia. We have an agreement with our European counterparts to sell only within designated territories, or to UK interests overseas. If we are not able to sell directly to you we will pass your enquiry to your local Entre-Prises distributor.



What types of facilities do we build?
There are three main types of climbing wall: roped, bouldering and traversing walls. We also build cave systems and mobile climbing towers.

  • Roped walls - designed for lead climbing or top roping and can rise to any height. They require the use of ropes and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of the climber during a fall.
  • Bouldering walls - designed for un-roped climbing and can rise to a maximum height of up to 4.5 metres. They do not require the use of ropes or PPE. Thick safety matting is fitted below the wall to ensure the safety of a climber during a fall.
  • Traversing walls - designed for low level climbing just above the ground and rising to a maximum height of 2.5 metres. Climbing movement is sideways rather than upward and traverse walls are a great facility for kids to use safely, and with minimal supervision. View our climbing wall systems.



What are our climbing walls made from?
We build our climbing surfaces using a combination of plywood, fibreglass or sprayed concrete. Behind the front face climbing wall surface we make use of either timber or steel supporting structures, which are fixed back to the building or ground. We can also install much simpler climbing walls and many of the specialist components can be supplied to customers, who choose to install a climbing wall facility on their own. All you need is a few basic tools and DIY skills.



How much does a climbing wall cost and what issues do I need to consider?
There are many factors that affect the overall cost of installing a climbing wall. Ultimately, the price is determined by budget or space available for the development. Download our Budget Guideline guide.



How long will it take to build my wall?
Typically and depending on the size of the project, a timescale of 4 - 16 weeks from placing an order to full completion should be considered for any Entre-Prises installation. Smaller walls, with simple or no complex structural requirements can usually be completed very quickly, whilst very large commercial climbing centres or those with more complex engineering considerations, will take much longer. More on the design process.



Why choose an Entre-Prise bolt-on hold?
Entre-Prises pioneered the first re-configurable bolt-on hold in 1985. We now offer over 1000 different shapes and style of bolt-on hold. Entre-Prises holds are tested to TUV and European standards. Many of our medium and large bolt-on holds contain an EPS system (Explosive Proof System). Full details of our bolt-on hold range.



What is EPS?
EPS is a proprietary strength and safety device cast into our holds that the bolts pass through upon installation. In the event of an over tightened hold breaking during use, EPS captures the bulk of the hold which reduces the risk to people below of being struck by flying debris.



When will my bolt-on hold order be delivered?
We hold significant levels of stock of both bolt-on holds and macro features in our warehouse in Lancashire. Orders received before 12 noon can normally be processed on a next working day delivery service to most mainland UK locations. Our couriers do their very best to consistently achieve a next working day service however this cannot always be guaranteed.



Can I get fixings with my bolt-on holds?
We supply all fixings for attaching bolt-on holds directly to a variety of materials including plywood, timber, concrete and solid or hollow block work. If you are unsure of the type of fixing you need, please contact our sales team for further advice. Download our Retail price list for bolt-on holds and specialist fixings.