Artificial Caving Systems

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Artificial Caving Systems

Artificial Caves

In many ways, caves provide the only 'true adventure' left to man.

Entre-Prises Artificial Cave

Caves are obstacle courses or climbing walls without the rules. There are no parameters or off-limit zones, there are no observers taking notes and there is no pass or fail mark at the end. Exploring a cave is usually governed by a time or a passage choice but the entire method by which a cave explorer gets from point A to B is entirely between the caver and the designer of the cave.

 As the worlds premier artificial cave manufacturer, Entre-Prises UK boasts the design, manufacture and installation of both the worlds largest indoor and outdoor artificial caving systems!

 We design each of our caving systems individually giving a bespoke and unique solution to your space, design and budgetary requirements and make sure that your satisfaction is our top priority.

 We also have our own unique patented caving technology - The Speleo System.  The Speleo System allows you to build your own caving complex to your requirements and reconfigure it at a moments notice.

Entre-Prises Artificial Cave