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Cave Users, Artificial Caving Uses - Entre-Prises UK Ltd

Cave Users

If you learnt to crawl before you learnt to walk, then caving is for you!


Child Artificial Cave Users


Artificial caves are perfectly suitable for children from the age of five upwards, however children should be supervised at all times. Confident children will be able to move through the passages much more adeptly than adults, as the low passages and squeezes will not be as difficult for them.



Disabled Users

Caves are an excellent environment for the physically or mentally disabled to test themselves in a challenging environment. Caving as an activity, is reliant on the use of all the senses and most types of physical movement. Disabled people, who usually find that their lack of strength in some areas often results in strengths in others, can use this to their great advantage. The teamwork nature of the activity further enhances the value of the experience for the disabled user and their colleagues.


Adult Artificial Cave Users

Adult Groups

Responsible adults will safely enjoy exploring the passages and caverns. Working together in groups they will experience the excitement and challenge of caving without having to confront the potential dangers. The cave is also designed to appeal to experienced cavers. Some of the obstacles in the caves will challenge genuine cavers whilst youngsters will find them very straightforward!


Public Service Artificial Cave Users

Public Service Training

The cave design can be suitable for training of individuals or groups that need to practice restricted access or confined space rescue or evacuation techniques e.g. Fire Services, Ambulance Services, Search and Rescue Groups.