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Cave Safety, Artificial Caving Systems - Entre-Prises UK Ltd

Cave Safety

Safety is our priority and it is imperative that people can be evacuated from any point within the cave very quickly.


Entrance and Exits

All designs include a number of entrance and exits. Each can be accessed at ground level and a lockable door fitted to each to restrict unauthorised access. The cave is an entirely safe environment and under proper supervision no caver would be more than three minutes from an entrance.

Possible fire and accidents are primary concerns, although anxiety through confusion, disorientation, light failure are also likely to warrant speedy evacuation.


Air Circulation

It is very important to ensure that there is good air circulation throughout the caving complex. The design encourages free air movement. Entrances and exits are located at different elevations within the design, therefore creating a natural airflow throughout the cave system.



In most situations, artificial lighting is not provided within the cave complex. It is assumed that all users will be equipped with helmets and battery operated headlights. Entre-Prises will work with the client and the contractor to ensure that all cave requirements are met to suit any lighting requirements.