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Cave Features, Artificial Caving Systems - Entre-Prises UK Ltd

Cave Features

The key to the success of an Artificial Cave Complex is through the creation of the illusion of depth and danger.


Artificial Cave Passageway


In a natural cave there are sometimes regular sections that are governed by the rock strata. In an artificial cave, passageways will quickly turn and twist to help disorientate the visitor within a short section and make the caver feel lost within an instant!

Throughout the experience, it is possible to select between different routes and passageways. All will have differing profiles and will necessitate different activity and movement to proceed along them.


Artificial Cave Chambers


Between each obstacle or feature in the cave there are sections large enough to accommodate two or more people and to allow users to turn around. Within most designs, a large central chamber is both the 'goal' of the exploration of the cave and also the 'hub' that is returned to as various passages are explored. The chamber can have boulders and stalagmites on the floor and stalactites hanging from the roof, as well as a large high-level ledge, which can be accessed via an easy climb.


Artificial Cave Water Features

Water Features and Sumps

There are two types of water in a cave, still and running. Still water can be used to make features such as Sumps. A Sump is a section of passage that is submerged by water and can be passed simply by holding your breath while ducking through. The caving experience changes as soon as running water is involved. Fresh water is pumped into the cave passages. Moving with or against the flow of water can be a challenge in itself.



Artificial Cave Paintings

Cave Paintings and Fossils

To add interest within passages and chambers, cave paintings and fossils can be added. This allows for user interest to be maintained, creating an educational experience. The more times that a person passes though the cave system, the more detail that they will notice and hopefully, the more they will learn.




Artificial Cave Stalactites

Stalactites, Stalagmites, Columns and Flowstones

In order to make artificial caves both realistic and interesting, any number of features found in a 'real' cave can also be added to our artificial caving installations. These features give our caves that "WOW" effect that keep users interesting and exploring.