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About Entre-Prises Climbing Walls

About Entre-Prises Climbing WallsAbout Entre Prises Climbing Walls

For over 15 years, Entre-Prises UK has provided a full climbing wall design, manufacture and construction service for satisfied customers throughout the UK, Ireland, Middle East and Asia. Entre-Prises UK ensures that your indoor climbing experience is the very best it can be. Entre-Prises UK also sells a broad range of bolt-on holds, fixings, volumes, macro features and indoor climbing equipment.

As Official supplier of bolt-on holds to the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and official partner to the International Federation for Sport Climbing (IFSC), Entre-Prises has been heavily involved in climbing competition development.

The UK team at our office in Lancashire, England includes among its ranks, artists, designers, engineers, project managers and administrators. Each team member holds true to his or her passion for rock climbing and caving.

The quality of our products and our level of service reflects this passion.


Being first

The history of Entre-PrisesFrancois Savigny - an industrial engineer and rock climber, founded Entre-Prises in 1985. The first products to be sold were a selection of modular bolt-on holds made from resinous concrete and these were the world's first commercially marketed bolt-on climbing holds.

The first modular climbing panel systems, Profile and Cristalithe were developed soon after and the era of modular, artificial climbing structures was born.

Since then, Entre-Prises has sought to remain at the forefront of climbing wall development. We have steadily grown with the sport of rock climbing over the past 25 years, developing new technologies and products along the way to meet the ever changing expectations of our customers and drawing on our various skills developed in a wide range of industries.

Entre-Prises have completed over 5,000 climbing wall projects worldwide. With 28 global distributors and with manufacturing in the UK, US, France and China, Entre-Prises remains world leaders in supplying custom climbing walls and bolt-on holds.